Psychological Testing

Our personalized and comprehensive psychological assessments are here to help anybody who is struggling at school or work. We provide testing

Our personalized and comprehensive psychological assessments are here to help anybody who is struggling professionally, academically or socially. We provide testing for ADHD and learning disabilities, as well as cognitive issues due to depression or anxiety.

Following the testing, we provide an individual feedback session to explain the results and help you better understand your strengths and challenges. You will then receive a written report which will summarize the findings of the testing and can be submitted to schools, testing boards or your job to get the right accommodations to help you succeed.

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individual testing

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. We approach therapy as a collaborative effort, where your therapist will work with you to identify your goals and what treatment would work best for you. We combine your expertise in yourself and the therapist's expertise in psychology to come up with a treatment plan that fits your needs.

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Teletherapy (Video Therapy)

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are staying home and practicing social distancing. We understand that this can be a stressful and anxiety-producing time. We currently offer teletherapy (video therapy) and are currently accepting new clients via video therapy. We have extensive experience practicing teletherapy (video therapy) and understand the nuances involved. When it is safe and appropriate, we will be able to seamlessly transition into in-person sessions.

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About Beverly Hills Assessment & Therapy

At Beverly Hills Assessment and Therapy, we recognize that every patient has different needs. Our process is always collaborative and personalized. Your therapist will work with you to develop a road map that meets your needs.

We work with patients at any stage, whether you are looking for a better understanding of your issues or looking for coping skills to better overcome your personal struggles. Beverly Hills Assessment and Therapy is here to help you to reach your full potential.

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